I’m always searching for a new story.

My name is Daina Goldfinger and I am a 22-year-old who is constantly hungry for new knowledge, lessons and experiences. I am a recent communication studies graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University and incoming Master of Journalism candidate at Ryerson University for fall 2016. I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario where I contribute to a number of different publications, including the Canadian Jewish News, Elite Daily and The Culture Trip. I also do freelance social media and communications work for Canada’s premier corporate and custom apparel company, Canada Sportswear.

I was born and raised in Toronto, and frequently enjoy acting as a tourist in own city as I explore urban and cultural hotspots. I am an avid traveler, who is constantly trying to fuel my wanderlust by collecting new stories and adventures both within Canada and abroad. I enjoy indulging in eclectic foods, fashion and design, while I also provide my two-cents on these consumption habits. As a hyper-aware generation Yer, I am a strong activist for equal rights, and I frequently quip about relevant social and political issues.

Follow me as I chronicle the ups and downs of Toronto city living, as well as showcase my perspective concerning a number of pertinent subjects.

Like what you see? Follow my daily musings on Twitter (@dgoldfinger93) and Instagram (@dainagoldfinger).

Photo of Daina


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