Review: Kinton Ramen

Last week, a friend and I decided that we wanted to reunite and catch up over some delectable cuisine in one of many eclectic Toronto restaurants.

After debating between a couple of options, including the city’s iconic Momofuku Noodle Bar and Junked Food Co., we decided on one of the metropolis’s popular exclusive chains, Kinton Ramen.

Since time limited us from trekking all the way downtown, we decided to opt for the physically closest option at Kinton’s Yonge and Sheppard location.

As soon as we entered the bustling and vibrant noodle joint, it was apparent that Kinton’s reputation for being one of the best ramen restaurants in the city was no joke. The interior was packed in with customers sitting at the high-rise wooden tables, and along the brightly lit bar.

After about ten minutes of waiting, we were finally seated at a high-rise table at the back, and provided with menus that informed us about the diverse ramen selection. Guests are able to order various hot and cold tapas, and three different choices of meat in their  ramen bowls, including chicken breast, pork belly and pork shoulder.

I decided on the original pork shoulder made with a rich broth, sea salt, bean sprouts, scallions, corn and a nori seasoned egg, while my friend opted for the spicy garlic pork shoulder with chilli pepper, bean sprouts, scallions and grated garlic.


Front bowl: Original Pork Shoulder, Back bowl: Spicy Garlic Pork Shoulder

My ramen selection was delicious and plentiful, as salty tastes burst around in my mouth. It was apparent that the ingredients used were strategically posited together in order to create the tastiest types of ramen. The noodles used were thick and blended well with the meat and vegetables to create a savoury lunch meal. Moreover, there was an option to add Sriracha sauce and other delicious condiments to further optimize guests’ customized ramen bowls.

Despite thoroughly enjoying my original bowl at Kinton Ramen, it did seem as though there was one ingredient missing. A little bit more spice could have added that extra zing, however some people do not like spice, so it understandable why it is not included in the original order. Otherwise, the meal scored high and Kinton is a definite recommendation for any ramen enthusiast in the city of Toronto.


Food: 8.25/10

Service: 8/10

Atmosphere: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10


The first few bites