Shalom Life

5,000-Year-Old Music Scene Discovered in Western Galilee

Amy Poehler & Chris Rock Were Originally Considered as ‘The Daily Show’ Replacements

Amy Schumer and Meryl Steep to Star in a film together?

Amy Winehouse was on the Brink of Making a Third Album Before She Died

Anti-Israel Ads on Copenhagen Buses Condemned in Denmark

Apple Taps Drake to Help Introduce New Streaming Service

Ben & Jerry’s Won’t Serve Bacon Ice Cream

Between 800 to 900 People are Homeless in Israel

Bryan Singer Unveils New Photo from ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Crossfit “Guru” Does Handstand at Holocaust Memorial

Did Steve Ballmer’s Last Decision as CEO Cost Microsoft Billions?

Donald Trump: I Am the Only One Who Can Save Israel

Early ‘Star Wars’ Script Found in Canadian Library

Eli Roth’s ‘Green Inferno’ Gets New Release Date

Everybody Who’s Anybody Showed up at David Letterman’s Last Show

Everything You Need to Know About Drake’s OVO Festival

FIFA Criticized for Controversial Vote Concerning Israel’s Suspension

FIFA to Vote on Palestinian Proposal to Suspend Israel

‘Football for All’ Campaign Promotes Female Sports and Coexistence in Israel

Garfunkel Trash Talks Simon in New Interview

Gay Christian Palestinian to be Deported

*Original* Getting to Know Comedian Dan Naturman

Google Mistakenly Labels Black People as Gorillas

Hasidic Jew Claims Florida Police Forced Him to Shave His Beard

‘Homeland’ Coming to Germany for Season 5

IDF Soldier Sentenced to Prison for Eating a Pork Sandwich

In India, You Can Buy “Hitler Ice Cream”

Israel Football Association Chief Criticizes its Proposed Exclusion

Israeli Beach Goers Rescue Sea Turtle from Turmoil

Israeli Judo Team Detained at Moroccan Border

*Original* Israeli Nonprofit Gives Modified Toy Cars to Disabled Children

Israel’s SolarEdge Teams up with Tesla On New Energy Project

James Franco Professes His Love For McDonald’s

James Franco Wrote a Book Confessing his Love to Lana Del Rey

Jason Alexander Finally Reveals Why Susan Got Killed off of Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Invites Bill Maher for Coffee on Next Episode of ‘Comedians in Cars’

Jerry Springer Encourages Jews to Discover their Roots

Jerusalem Ranked As One of World’s Best Cities

Jewish Billionaire Donates $100 Million to Find Extraterrestrial Life

Jewish Teen Gives Legendary Answers On Her Sex-Ed Homework

Jewish Voice of The Simpsons Announces His Resignation

Jon Bernthal to Play Key Role in Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’

Judd Apatow Mocks anti-Semitism, Bill Cosby in Standup Routine

Kim Kardashian Releases New Photos from North West’s Baptism in Jerusalem

Lena Dunham Launches Newsletter Named After Old Jewish Man

‘Lonely Island’ Film Has a Set Release Date

Man Shoots Bartender For Serving Him Non-Kosher Cocktail

Marvel Comics to Incorporate a Biracial Spider-Man

Mayim Bialik Launches New Website

Michael Fassbender to play The Dude in Live-Reading of ‘The Big Lebowski’

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Got Married This Weekend

Mother Reunites with Daughter after Being Separated by the Nazis for 71 Years

Natalie Portman’s Hebrew-language Directorial Debut Prompts Controversial Reviews

New Girl’s Schmidt to Star in American Horror Story

New Reality Show Recreates the Conditions of the Nazi Occupation

New ‘Star Wars’ App Lets You Take Selfies with Your Favorite Characters

North Carolina Man Waves Nazi Flag

Northwestern Student Says He Was Harassed by Students for Justice in Palestine

*Original* NXNE: Interview with Girl Band Damage Over Time

Omri Casspi Signs $6 million Deal with Sacramento

Potentially the Earliest Form of Man-made Pollution Discovered in Israel

San Francisco 49ers’ Jarryd Hayne Apologizes for “Jews Killed Jesus” Tweet

Seth Rogen is Throwing James Franco a Bar Mitzvah

*Original* Sex, Drugs, and Milk & Meat: The Yiddish Web Series for Contemporary Jews

SNL’s Muhammad Skit Criticized for Resembling ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ 

Spock Documentary Acquires Sufficient Funding

Study: Two-State Solution will Boost both Israeli and Palestinian Economies

Tel Aviv Professor Says Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet is too Far Away to Understand

The New Clippers Logo is Ripe for Parody

These Bankers Actually Posted an ISIS-style Mock Beheading on Instagram

The Terminator is Now Giving Directions on Waze

The Three Stooges are Coming Back to Television

This Israeli Startup Has Found a Healthier, Sweeter Way to Utilize Sugar

This Popular Cam Girl Just Got Shut Down for Doing a Nazi Striptease

This Toddler Threw a Fit in Front of President Obama During a Passover Seder

Tomorrow is International Hummus Day

Unsurprisingly, Everyone in Tel Aviv is Loving the Free WiFi

User Traffic on DuckDuckGo Skyrockets

Walmart Makes ISIS Cake

WATCH: Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon Switch Lips

WATCH: Alex Trebek Raps the ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Theme Song

WATCH: All-Male Jury (Including Paul Giamatti) Decides Whether Amy Schumer is Hot Enough for TV

WATCH: Amy Schumer Plays Hilarious Joke on Katie Couric

WATCH: Amy Schumer Strips for Dogs

WATCH: Amy Schumer Talks Jennifer Lawrence, Trainwreck with Jon Stewart

Watch Amy Winehouse Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ At 14 Years Old

WATCH: Jeffrey Tambor Praises Caitlyn Jenner

WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Elaborates on the Whole “Creepy PC’ Thing” on ‘Late Nights with Seth Myers’

WATCH: Jon Stewart Addresses Uproar over his “Secret” Meeting with President Obama

WATCH: Jon Stewart Hilariously Responds to Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition

WATCH: Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Supreme Court’s Antonin Scalia

WATCH: Jon Stewart Wonders What the F*ck is Wrong with Donald Trump

WATCH: Larry David Quips about Being a Victim to anti-Semitism 

WATCH: Pro-Israel Muslim Presents “The Gay Muslim Zionist Experiment”

WATCH: ‘Seven Days in Hell’ Trailer

WATCH: South Park is Releasing a Sequel to ‘Stick of Truth’ 

WATCH: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Judges Go Crazy for Israeli Dancer and his Shofar

WATCH: The Onion’s Mock VICE Documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Speaks About Her Experience with the IDF


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